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Lumix Drops Mic on Competition, Announces Full Frame Mirrorless with 4K60p

When Nikon announced their new full-frame mirrorless cameras earlier this year I ripped the manufacturer for not being able to pull off 4K60p. I thought that since I had already been using this resolution and frame rate since 2017, that Nikon should have been able to bring it to me in their new 2018 cameras. […]

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Nikon Ever So Slightly Teases New Mirrorless

We don’t know much about the new Nikon mirrorless system, other than what’s in the press release below. It’s going to be full frame and use a new mount system other than the F-mount (but it will have an adapter available). Personally, I’m excited for any new Nikon camera but with the advances that Sony […]

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2017 Black Friday Deals

Here’s just a handful of the Black Friday deals that stores are running this week. If you have a crazy awesome deal that you found please leave the link in the comments! Panasonic Lumix G7 is 37% off at Amazon or buy it direct from Panasonic Save up to $500 on cropped sensor cameras at […]


Nikon Announces New Full Frame Camera

Nikon just dropped a new video showing off video and time-lapse abilities of a currently in development full frame camera. The camera called the D850 is set to be the replacement for the D810. The camera is supposed to have Nikon D5 specs. Currently all we know for sure about is that it will have […]


Canon Refurbished Lens Bargains!

Canon.com has some great deals on refurbished lenses today. A few of the best deals are the: 50 1.4 selling for only $220, regular price $330 on Amazon. Or, if you’re on a budget and still need a fast 50mm lens, might I suggest the 50mm F1.8? Pick up one today for only $80. Regular […]