AtL Interview – Anthony Dawton

On this week’s episode we interview Anthony Dawton, an award winning London based photographer with extensive experience of working overseas for NGOs, photographing in refugee camps and disaster areas. Anthony is also the author of Not London, a photo book showcasing portraits of homelessness around London, which came out earlier this month and is available […]

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AtL – Depth of Field – Concert Photography

Around the Lens presents Depth of Field, a monthly panel discussion podcast featuring experts from the world of photography, filmmaking and visual journalism. Each month, different panelists will discuss issues and topics that are important to those in our career field. This month, Mark Doyle moderates a panel on concert photography with Zack Lane, Kevin […]


Introducing Photo Flip

Around the Lens and 10 Frames Per Second are proud to present a new joint effort focused on discussing everything related to photo books called Photo Flip. Each month we’ll bring on new authors, collectors and industry insiders to discuss photo books and the news surround them. The show is hosted by long time Around […]


Introducing Depth of Field

Please welcome the newest show on the Around the Lens platform, Depth of Field, a monthly panel discussion show focused on different topics related to the world of photography, filmmaking and visual journalism. Each month a new moderator will bring on a panel of experts to deep dive a specific aspect of our career field. […]


AtL 250 – To Be Continued

Guests: Jamie Rose, Mike “Sharky” James, Bruce Byers TOPIC 1: The future of Around the Lens. After five years and 250 episodes, AtL is coming to an end. But this isn’t the end of AtL as a platform, and this isn’t the end of content, podcasts or otherwise. No, this is a new beginning for […]


AtL 249 – Penultimate

Guests: J.M. Giordano, Daniel Dreifuss Topics: Following Investigation, Magnum Photos Suspends David Alan Harvey for One Year Megadap, world’s first AF adaptor for manual lenses Is a printed portfolio really necessary? This photographer shows his process for creating a printed portfolio, but at the end of the day, does a printed portfolio really matter? When […]


AtL 248 – Reeducation

Guests: Bruce Byers Topics: Photoshop unveils new AI features Photoshops new AI portrait features allow for dynamic and dramatic manipulation of faces to include the ability to change the direction the face is looking, the direction the eyes are looking, the age of subject and their overall happiness or how angry they are among other […]