Photos of 2017 in Lists – WSJ, NatGeo, USA Today and more

Every year around this time all the news sites start coming out with their ‘best of’ and ‘year in’ photo galleries. Never mind that the year is still not over yet… but here’s a handful of the news organizations that have hit publish, we’ll add them as we find them. If you come across one that isn’t added here yet, add the link in the comments.


The Atlantic

Washington Post

Wall Street Journal – (paywall) 

USA Today


Chicago Tribune

San Francisco Tribune

Time Magazine

The most beautiful pictures of 2017

The Baltimore Sun

New England Cable News

Zach D Roberts is a photojournalist and investigative journalist. He’s covered everything from comic book conventions to white supremacist riots in 2017. You can find his photos at wire, and his portfolio is at Last year he co-produced a documentary with Greg Palast and David Ambrose called The Best Democracy Money Can Buy you can get it here for a donation to the Palast Investigative Fund.


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