New York Times More Than Doubles Day Rate

In what is surely a positive sign for the photojournalism industry, sources close to the New York Times have confirmed that the paper will now begin paying it’s photographers a day rate of $450, more the double the $200 they’re currently paying. For shorter shoots, or those that don’t meet the full day-rate requirement, photojournalists will be payed $300 instead, still a great price for the work and more than the previous full day rate. 

I think this bodes well for the industry and will hopefully be a trend at other news organizations across the nation. Part of this could also be attributed to the boost in subscriptions spurned by President Trump and his continuous tweets rallying against the publication. Regardless, if more people are paying for news that is only a good thing and proof that the money is going to where it is needed most, the men and women who actually create content.