Around the Lens is a growing brand that consists of not just our core podcast, but a host of other shows and initiatives aimed at expanding visual journalism dicussion across a number of mediums and audiences. Our main show, Around the Lens, exists currently as a live, weekly, visual journalism, roundtable dicussion show and broadcasts weekly usually at 8 p.m. est on Mondays. We would love to have you either sponsor an episode or series of episodes, receiving top-line billing at the beginning of a show, or advertise a product a service with us to appear throughout the show.

Additionally, we’re establishing a number of different shows that each cater to a visual journalism audience to include AtL Unboxings, AtL Reviews, AtL Interviews, and others currently in developments. Each show has the opportunity to reach a very focused audience. In you are interested in either advertising or sponsorship at Around the Lens please e-mail us at info@aroundthelens.com.

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