The Candid Frame

I was recently interviewed by Ibarionex Perello of the stellar podcast The Candid Frame. It was truly an honor to get to talk to this titan of our industry about my life and the influence it had on my career. During our interview I spoke mostly about my life in the military as a photojournalist and how I learned the craft, from my time in the Defense Information School to Syracuse University. I also discussed my expriences both in the military deploying and outside the military working as a freelancer in New York City. Finally, I mentioned my goals for the future of my career and what I hope to do to impart my wisdom on others.

It was a great experience and I was so glad to be able to communicate with Ibarionex’s audience. If you’re reading this and you discovered our show through The Candid Frame, welcome, we appreciate your patronage and hope that you enjoy the weekly podcast we do here. If you’re a longtime listener and discovered The Candid Frame because of my appearance, then I hope you’ll take a moment to subscribe to it as it is one of the best interview shows you’ll find on the internet today.

One more thing, on the show I mentioned, I recommend checking it out because it is where you’ll see the latest work being done by the brave men and women of our military, some of whom are risking their lives to get terrific imagery.


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