Bon Jovi Photog David Bergman Profiled By Adorama’s Spotlight

David Bergman is a sports and music photographer that also does videos for Adorama from time to time – and also has  joined us on the Around The Lens podcast back in March of 2016 – you can watch and listen to that episode (ATL 18) here.

What most people know about David though is that he’s the official tour photographer for Bon Jovi.  Which means that he gets to hang out with the band on the private planes, back stage and take photos where only us normals would dream of getting access to… like having a remote trigger camera right on the stage next to the drums.

If you wondered what that job is like – check out this stunningly produced and filmed video from the New York camera store Adorama. (Which btw is my favorite place to get gear.)



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