AtL 100 – 2-Year Anniversary Megitacular

Panelists: Mike “Sharky” James, Craig Stampfli, David H. Wells, B.A. Van Sise, Rick Friedman

Main Topic: The State of Around the Lens
Around the Lens, a project started by me to bring about more discussion of visual journalism topics to the world of podcasts, has now existed for two years. How has the shown grown over that time? How did this year compare to last year? What is in store for the future of the show and the discussion platform? What do our panelists think about the show and what do they think I can do to improve it?

Secondary Topic: Facebook and Google Control of the Press
Facebook and Google control an inordinate amount of the ability to affect what people see with regard to the news. How do you think this could affect the visual journalism career field in the future?

Tertiary Topic: Panasonic Announces Lumix G9
Is anyone interested in this besides me :). I mean 80 megapixel high-res mode…amiright!


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