AtL 92 – PTSD

Panelists: Ned Johnson

News: Photographer give away viral image for free
Hot on the heels of Zach’s viral exprience we have another viral exprience from another photographer, only this one didn’t turn out so good for the photographer because he ended up making nothing for his work. How do events like these impact our career field and how to do we overcome these issues?

I Shot a Hurricane Irma Photo That Went Viral, and I Wasn’t Paid a Dime

Topic: PTSD
The job we do as visual journalists can have a lasting effect. Wether we have served overseas in combat or have worked documenting violent protests, there is always the possibility of having to live with seeing terrible things. How do visual journalist overcome this?

News: Is Nikon Sexist
Hot off our diversity discussion we have an example of the lack of diversity prevalent in our industry with Nikon failing to find even one female pro photographer in all of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I thought we solved the diversity issue? So does this lack of diversity matter, will people really choose to not to purchase the D850 because of this?



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