AtL 71 – Can’t Take My Kodachrome Away

Panelists: Joseph Rushmore, Mark DiOrio

News: Instagram Shuts Down Botting Service

Instagram put the kibosh on Instagress, a botting service that would automatically follow and comment on others posts. It was used primarily to increase followers. What are our thoughts on this development? Do we think it’s good for the service? Have you ever used or thought about using a service like this?

Topic: How Important is Autofocus

The GH5 is having major autofocus issues, making me think how important is autofocus to you in either photo or video. Would poor autofocus be a deal breaker in your decision to buy a camera?

Gear: Sony Drops the a9

Sony has dropped a megaton professional Mirrorless camera. What are out thoughts on this new camera, will it give canon and Nikon a run for this money?




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