Lomo’Instant at the Women’s March

Back in January I promised that I would do a two part post on the instant photos I took at the Presidential Inaugural and the following day’s Women’s March. Well, I never did post that second one.

Once I got there I realized that the camera was a fantastic way of breaking the ice for interviews and getting shots that were a bit more out of the standard grip and grin. As much as I could I gave each person I was taking a shot of a copy of the polaroid… well I guess it’s not actually a polaroid but the Lomo’Instant shot. I was using fuji instax film for all the shots – I bought a box of 60 for around $37 on Amazon.

As you can tell, I’ve got a lot to lean with the Lomo Automat which has a lot more functionality than most instant cameras. Often the flash over exposed, and with no light meter it was always tough to figure out a decent exposure. There’s also a bunch of add ons that I might consider picking up for the camera available from Lomography, but more on that another day. All the photos are taken with the Lomo’Instant Automat that I bought through a kickstarter that Lomography did back in 2016.


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