AtL 44 – Shortcuts and Workflow

atl-44-instagramPanelists: Jamie Rose, Mark Reis

News: What will Snapchat glasses mean for documentary coverage?
Snapchat recently announced their glasses based cameras that stream video clips to their service. How will face mounted eyeglass cameras affect visual journalism? Will we see an explosion of new types of camera gear that you wear on your face similar to a GoPro head mount and a Google Glass?

Topic: How important is Gear?
Simon Cade talks about his relationship with gear and the essential idea that better gear will not make him a better filmmaker, being a better filmmaker will make him a better filmmaker. What are our thoughts on this? What is our relationship to technology? Do we need to have the latest and great camera gear all the time, or are we satisfied with what we have?

Gear: Photoshop Shortcuts
Photoshop is an indispensable tool, but how do we use it? Do we have tricks or tips that speed up our workflow?

Picks: New Macbook PSA, Key Mission 360, Shark Pixel, Leica Sofort

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